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Empowered. More Than Just T-Shirts


Our brand is one of perseverance. 

That is why our symbol is the Aya Plant, a symbol of endurance and resourcefulness. To wear the Aya symbol is to say that you have endured adversity, that you have endured difficulties.

It is the symbol of being Stronger After. It is a symbol that will bring you strength.


Our mission is to empower people through cause centric apparel and clothing so that they know with their own strength, endurance, and resourcefulness, they can overcome adversity, and come out the other side stronger than ever before. 

Fight back, be stronger after. 

We will be stronger after.

Whatever doesn't kill, you makes you, Stronger After


2020 - A year writhe in challenges from the death of beloved basketball great Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianana and 7 others, to the world's 1st global pandemic of this magnitude in 100years, to civil unrest and a collective mindset for change. 

No matter what your position on the above topics, social-economic background, race or any other factor we use to define ourselves, we have all been affected. 

We didn’t want to watch anymore. We wanted to make a difference. 

We created Stronger After to empower people with clothing that reminds them they can make it through adversity and challenges.

Time to fight back. Time to make ourselves better. It is time for us to be Stronger After!!!!




Our mission is to make a positive impact on the world through empowering as many people as possible with our ethical clothing. 

That isn't where our positive impact ends. 

We wanted to make sure that with every piece of clothing we sell, we are creating as much positive impact as possible

Ready to Be Empowered?

You can buy our activewear online hereOur cause centric apparel includes T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, hats, and other socially conscious apparel.